ACM CYBERWEEK ‘Graphic Desing and Multimedia’
December 21, 2022

In a day-to-day life, graphic design is encountered in each aspect of one's diurnal routine. Design is everywhere; it's the best language of communicating a product's value and quality.

During the war with Covid-19, graphic design had become one of the primary means of communication through all sorts of media. Hopefully we can use this opportunity to reflect on a period of time we have spent in front of our screens, away from our family and friends - so make sure to accompany us @ Burch University as Vedad Mandra shows us the path to mastering the art of 'Graphic Design and Multimedia'.

NOTE: Lecture will begin on Thursday, 22nd of December, at 18:00 and will be taking place in classroom No. 327.

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